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My name is Emil and a believer in “nonprofitism”

 What is nonprofitism? The world is build on capitalism. Nonprofetism is new! kind of.. Simple said “nonprofetism” is a solution. Before the huge corporation was in control of all the money. Now the customer deside how money should be used. There is a lot of money and yet people die of hunger! Ask yourself. If something cost the same and is the same why not purchase from where it donates? 

 The only big difference between a profit company and non profit organisation is that by the end of the year when the finacial statement is made a non profit organisations give their surplus money they made to charity. Everyone have a salery through the year. Profit or non profit. When we allready have that salery, should we really keep all that money to ourself by the end of the year just because our concept was succesfull? With so much succes comes a responsibility. Humans love to give and recieve. This is why it’s a perfect setup to be non profit. Every time you buy something your actually doing charity without having to do the charity.

Non profit is the solution. It is part of a solution. Imagine everyone donated. Donated what they didn’t need that is. This is trillions of dollars we could use for school, food, bicycles, culture you name it! The reality is that we would prefer to buy the banana that donates if we have the chance. Meaning soner or later this will happen. There would be an organisation for everything! All it takes is we purchase from non profit organisations instead old fashion companies who keep all that money for them self and here it’s important to remember we are talking about huge corporations with billions of dollar. 

We started with a food concept and have become much more than a system and our concept represent a transparant economic model that benefits the world and it’s inhabitant. This message about non profit could change the world from hell to heaven. Economic or maybe litterally speaking. Soner or later will all the huge corporations donate what they didn’t need OR someone new with the same concept will come and who do you think people prefer? 

We can thank capitalism for many things including the oputunities it brought us. it is the building bricks for something better. Our awereness grew with the market and we now know Identical products and identical prices does not always mean identical integrity.

Entrepreneur dreams? Really you could take any product , i suggest a popular one. Make it non profit. You will have the buyers in the end if you dream of creating something that still exist gennerations from now. Just make sure price and quality is the same. We can call it a purchase war on capitalism. A peaceful one 



A special thanks to everyone involved