Terms and conditions

Be fast to tell us if you want to cansel the purchase. Like right away. Remember we are a non profit and we don’t keep money to our self. Our staff have a salery and everything else is donated to charity. Everything like 100% and you can keep and eye on this by clicking on transparancy link on the front page. Here we puplish our finacial statement include everything from the founders salery to donation. When you do charity there is no refund neather. So once it is sent it is yours. We do refund if your fast to tell it was a mistake you bought it off course.

We send out mask twice a week. Monday and Thursday.

Since we send mask we are pretty sure these dont get lost in the mail, but should it happen you should contact us. depending on the country it could take some days.

Europe: 3-7 days

USA: about 7-10 days – Some places a week other more

Africa: Depending where. Some places a week other more than a month.

Asia: 7-30 days depending on locations

You can allways ask. Just send us a message in the contact form

Best regards , Coverface