We will puplish everything form salery to charity here. Also how much we used on our products an tax. Everything in a total transparant setup that makes it easy to understand. We wish to inspire the next genneration of entrepreneurs by showing how easy it actually is to start something so they would try their luck them self. We need more of this!

Remember.. A banana is a banana. Why not purchase where it donates? If it cost the same and is the same it would only be common sense. We believe in a future where there is a organisation that takes care of all world problems. Organisations could pay for our food, school even bicycles for everyone. A future like this would make room for people to do what they simply love.

Since we are brand new and haven't made our first sale yet there is not much to write. My thoughts about this page is that every year I will write a summery with the information. Maybe about events and more 🙂